Why Do We Love Bobbiny?

Why Do We Love Bobbiny?

Who is Bobbiny, what do they make, why did we partner with them and most importantly- why should you use their products?

Well let's start by telling their story: Their story begins on a spring day in May of 2014 when Aleksandra invented Bobbiny and few days later Tomasz named and designed the brand.

Full of enthusiasm and creative ides they started developing products and giving Bobbiny its strength and quality. As a young couple working on brand and products they believed in was very exciting. Even though the early days were not that easy, that time taught them many lessons. Now they are a trustworthy brand and solid business, specializing in manufacturing of cotton goods and providing products of the highest quality. To ensure effective and continuous manufacturing of the products, they are always seeking to cooperate with the suppliers operating in line with the company’s cooperation principles and quality requirements.

The quality of their products is crucial to Bobbiny. They subject their cords to tests and evaluations by professional, third-party organizations. Bobbiny cords were granted with Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100 in first class. It means that there were tested at every production level and do not contain any substances that are harmful for our health. They may be safely used in products for toddlers and people with allergies. The granted certificate guarantees that the products labeld with it are free from harmful substances e.g. pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, forbidden azo dyes and extractable heavy metals. 

We were interested in Bobbiny when we learned how much they work with recycled materials to make their cotton cords. Then we fell in love with the quality and the colors for both the macrame cord and the braided cord. They make it difficult to choose what to carry we love it all so much. They have passion for their craft, the industry and the environment and we simply fell in love with their brand. As I mentioned, they are Eco friendly and make their cords out of recycled cotton thread. Click here or continue reading below to learn more about how they make their cords and how much they think of the planet when doing so! 


We recover materials that have been considered used up and create beautiful, full-value products from them! The recycling materials from which the yarn is made are both production waste from factories and consumers in the form of used clothes and other cotton textiles.


The textiles primarly cut into smaller pieces are then shredded until a sort of dust is received. At this stage the color is created – the shredded cotton in various colors is mixed in specific proportions in order to receive the desired shade.


The fibers are then spinned into thread which is later delivered to us. We import the yarn from an European producer and use it to make strings in a small factory in Poland. Because of how the production process is designed, different batches of one color may differ from one another.


Neither water nor toxic chemicals are involved in the production of our cords. We try to minimize energy consumption as much as possible and reduce CO2 emissions. The string is wound up on a biodegradable paper spool.


We spend a lot of time designing our new color collections by following the latest trends. The yarn is always made to our special order. The finished product goes to your hands, and you create beautiful projects with it


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