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  • 1: Donate to mama cash through a purchase of our knitting needles

    When you purchase a pair of

    a n n m a d e knitting needles we're donating to Mama Cash. Mama Cash supports women, girls, and trans and intersex people who fight for their rights. Activists who tirelessly and fearlessly make their voices heard. Who criticize oppressive or restrictive norms and practices, and lobby for fair laws. Who demand their political and economic rights, and insist on bodily autonomy. Together with these activists and donors, mama cash works towards a more just world for women, girls, and trans and intersex people. 

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  • 2: Shop our Cervical Cancer Awareness Collection

    “This, this is how I live after what cancer did to my body and my life.”
    January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. I was officially diagnosed 8 weeks after Ulysses was born. Went through numerous surgeries and procedures to remove the cancer and the painful conditions that it caused. I’m lucky, my cancer was in early enough stages it was able to be removed and I’ve been cancer free for 2 years. But those 2 years were full of pain and procedures. It’s something I don’t want anyone else to go through, and the good news is, it’s preventable!!! So get out there and get your PAP, don’t put it off another day, think about the HPV vaccine for your children and of course, donate to cancer research. I’m donating a portion of the proceeds for every bow and pin in this collection to@iamcervivor.

    Cervical Cancer Awareness Collection 
  • 3: Become a badass annmade ambassador

    Want to be a good ambassador? We are launching our own line of knitting needles we are looking for ambassadors to spread the word of

    a n n m a d e goods. Not only are our needles badass, but they do good as well. Each pair of needles sold rasies money that we donate to mama cash . As an ambassador you'll get a rad discount on all annmade knitting notions and get first dibs on new item launches! Who are we looking for? Knitters who stand up for good, are willing to speak out, and support our Activist Partners. Contact us to learn more about how you can help a good cause while helping us and what perks come with it!

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