preparing for holiday shows

preparing for holiday shows

I knew months ago, when I got annmade into two of the biggest upcoming maker markets in Cleveland with Cleveland Bazaar, that I would have a lot of work to do. It's been two years since I did a show. You would think that over two years, a global pandemic, quarantining, and pregnancy I would have knit a whole bunch. But I didn't. So I'm feeling the pressure to create more and more inventory, but I also wanted to start a website and a blog, so I'm working on that as well and burning myself out. But I'm now less than two weeks away from my first show Winterfest, happening downtown Cleveland at the 5th Street Arcades on 11/27. Since I am rusty and I haven't participated or attended a craft show/maker market in so long I've decided to start over when it comes to my set up. Here is an image of my booth from my last big show... 

You'll see it looks a little messy. I thought the holiday plaid table cloth would be a nice touch, it was the worst idea. My knit wear is very colorful and most clashes with the Christmas plaid. I also returned those crates, they weren't what I was looking for and they were over priced. Over all I just need to make some asthetic changes. Here is my plan

  1. Choose a vibe- Scandinavian/hygge 
  2. Neutral table cloth (I'm thinking white or cream) 
  3. Generic wooden crates, similar to these on amazon 
  4. Simplify pricing 
  5. Create "stations" based on pricing & display pricing, I just ordered these thin balck frames  to keep the clean nordic vibes going
  6. Adding a check out station (using my cart from world market)
  • Bottom shelf: gift bags
  • Middle shelf: tissue paper, marketing materials 
  • Top shelf: ipad for check out, cash box for change, ribbon
  • Add hat displays (I plan on making these and will share final image)
  • Hygge touches throughout like these flameless candles 

My plan is to clean it up, tone it down and make it cozy and welcoming. As I get all the pieces and put it together, I will continue to share. If you have have any ideas or tips- please share! Looking forward to seeing you all at my upcoming shows, check out Cleveland Bazaar for more info! 


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