And Here We Are, 2022

And Here We Are, 2022

New office vibes So now that the chaos of the holiday season is behind me, I thought I would feel relieved, but I was hit with the post holiday blues followed by some anxiety. There was a massive feeling of being overwhelmed by all that I want to accomplish, including putting away the Christmas decor. Then as things started to quiet down around the house our circle was hit with covid outbreaks and so we shut in a little more. Temperatures dropped and the skies were gloomy for 5 days straight. Things were feeling depressing. 

I'm normally all about the beginning of something new, a season, month, etc and I reflect and set goals but this year I just wasn't into it. January first I woke up and felt terrible, but luckily by the evening I was knitting up a storm and ordered a bunch of new yarn with my gift cards. By the second day of 2022 I felt a little motivated, enough to finally clean my office, rearrange the furniture and set up my new desktop computer. It was just what I needed to kick myself back into gear. 

And now here we are on the third day of the new year and I finally did what I have been meaning to do for years now... I registered  a n n m a d e  as an LLC. My first step into making this legit for 2022. I also started writing out an official business plan for the existing business I call  a n n m a d e  and for what's to come, hopefully. 

Main  a n n m a d e  Goals for 2022:

  • Make this legit (LLC registration)
  • Write a Business Plan
  • Create a Social Media Plan
  • Optimize Product Listing & Pricing
  • Create  a n n m a d e knitting accessories

Next up on the to do list to achieve these goals

  1. Finish Business Plan
  2. Create a Calendar with milestone goals to hit throughout the year
  3. Open a Tik Tok account
  4. Create a content calendar 
  5. Decide on 3 new items to add to  a n n m a d e  finished knit wear
  6. Apply for the Bazaar Valentine show
  7. Tie up 2021 finances 
  8. Set up bank account for a n n m a d e
  9. Figure out my cost analysis 

The list could go on and on, but this is where I will start. So follow me on this crazy journey if you want to see how a knitter navigates the big world of small business ownership. 

And if you’ve got experience in any of this... I’m open to hearing your tips and personal experience! 

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