ann's knitting favorites

ann's knitting favorites

I love to knit, that's obvious. What's not obvious is what products I love to use, so I wanted to share them here. You might already know how to knit and see what I've made and think- hey I want to try that too or maybe you're looking for new needles, or are just getting started. 

We'll start with We Are Knitters. I am borderline obsessed with "The Wool" skeins and use it in most of my chunky knit hats. They offer kits for newbies to the knitting extraordinaire, macramé, crochet and more! Use my code MGMHWCMCF and get $12 off your first purchase! 



Other Accessories:


Let's be honest here, I am an amazon affiliate, so I do receive a small kick back if you purchase through my links. But also, if you're planning on buying some new knitting items on amazon, why not buy through my link- its a win win! 

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